Let’s explore the basic details Laminar flow cabinet

Uses of laminar flow cabinets in laboratories for infection sensitive processes

There are millions of particles floating in the air and they comprises of microbes such as viruses, bacteria and many more. These are not good for plant tissue culture! Eventually, these floating particles will place on objects like culture vessels, explants, etc. and it cause contaminations. For this reason, it is essential for you to clean and sterile air passing over your tools, containers and specimens. In order to get this result, you require proper air treatment equipment like CleaTech laminar flow cabinet. Hence, they are compulsory for any plant tissue culture laboratory as opting for sterile is the main to a successful culture.

Types of laminar flow cabinet                        

  1. Vertical laminar flow cabinet         

In the vertical flow cabinets, the air passes from the top to bottom of the cabinet. A vertical airflow working bench need less depth and floor space as a horizontal airflow which develops it more organised and lowers the chances of airflow movement of infected air downstream. The vertical laminar flow cabinet is also regarded as safe as it doesn’t move the air directly towards the person organising out the experiments.

  1. Horizontal laminar flow cabinet

In the horizontal laminar flow cabinets, the air around the cabinet comes from the back of the working bench, which comes out from the blower towards the HEPA filters. The filtered air is then works in a horizontal direction to the workplace.

Uses of laminar flow cabinet           

  1. Laminar flow cabinets are set in laboratories for infection sensitive processes like plant tissue process.
  2. Other laboratories methods like media plate preparation and process of organisms can be done inside the cabinet.
  3. Working of particle sensitive electronic devices is done inside the cabinet.
  4. In the pharmaceutical industries, drug preparation method is also done inside the cabinet to assure a specific-free environment during the experiments.


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