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The next day, when Zhu Siqi just went to work, his phone called Zhu Siqi's desk. Secretary Zhu, this is Zhang Min.

"I haven't done any research in this area. By the way, Tang Mengmei is now in South China. Secretary Zhang, you can ask her out to talk about this matter. Now the company's affairs are basically decided by her, but I seldom interfere in the company's affairs." Zhu Siqi said. "We met Miss Tang from the side, and we mentioned it to her, but it seemed that she was not interested, so I remembered to come to you." Zhang Mindao. Is it? If she doesn't agree, it's hard for me to get through her work. Zhu Siqi shrugged his shoulders. I thought it would be strange if Tang Mengmei could agree. Like the investment of the hospital, the return is slow. Besides, as far as the requirement of the Municipal Committee is concerned, it is simply doing good deeds. When the cost is recovered, it will be far away. It would be strange if Tang Mengmei could agree. After all, you are her boss. She should listen to you. Besides, building a hospital is also a good thing. Your Longxing Company has not considered building a hospital or anything. I heard that there is a foundation in Longxing, Kangzhou. Can it be built in the name of there? Zhang Min gave advice to Zhu Siqi. If it is built in the name of the foundation, then on the one hand, there is not so much money,warehouse storage racks, and on the other hand, there are not so many people to manage it. Besides, the hospital is a highly technical unit, and not just anyone can come to work. Zhu Siqi said. This can be recruited. Besides, as long as the hospital is built, I guarantee the full support of the Municipal Committee and the Municipal Government. You can give whatever you want. We can even let you designate an area as the address of the hospital within the current scope of the city. Zhang Mindao. "Hospitals are usually built in places with convenient transportation,industrial racking systems, and the area will be very large. Will the city be willing to give up?" Zhu Siqi said. As long as you are willing to build a hospital in South China, the city will be willing to give up, and it will be provided free of charge, just as the city's support for you. Zhang Mindao. I want to discuss this matter with Tang Mengmei. Besides, we have to have a meeting to study it. Besides, the city has to have a meeting to discuss it, right? Zhu Siqi said. You are not empty on both sides. Well, after the coal mine company has dealt with this matter, the Standing Committee will immediately discuss the matter of building a hospital. If your Longxing Company does not agree, the city will also think of other ways. Living people can't be forced to die by urine, can they? Zhang Mindao. Zhu Siqi saw that Zhang Min seemed to really attach great importance to this matter, and solemnly promised him that he would do Tang Mengmei's work well and strive for Longxing Company to invest in the construction of this hospital. Out of Zhang Min's office, asrs warehouse ,industrial racking systems, Zhu Siqi could not help laughing when he remembered his statement just now. He was the actual holder of Longxing Company, but he could not make decisions on this matter, but it was really a matter of convenience and benefit to the common people. Zhu Siqi has also seen from the television media that the current hospitals are really not like this. The profits of medical expenses are more than ten times or even dozens of times or hundreds of times. Those doctors not only receive the salaries of hospitals, but also the kickbacks of pharmaceutical factories, the red envelopes of patients, bonuses and so on. A doctor in charge will never earn more than an ordinary entrepreneur. At present, in the daily expenses of the people, the proportion of the expenses for seeing a doctor and taking medicine is getting larger and larger. If it goes on like this, it is really like what some doggerels say, I can't afford to see a doctor, take medicine, get sick, and even give birth to a son. A very simple procedure like caesarean section costs five or six dry yuan. Zhu Siqi secretly decided that if Tang Mengmei did not decide to invest, he himself would have to pay to build this hospital alone, and if he wanted to build it, he would have to build a large-scale, high-grade hospital, but it was definitely not like other hospitals, which were aimed at pursuing profits, and forgot the biggest purpose of the hospital: healing the wounded and rescuing the dying! No matter how much money you spend and how much you pay, you must do it well. Chapter 475 Yinshan County. Chapter 475 Yinshan County. When Zhu Siqi called Tang Mengmei in the evening, unfortunately, she was not in South China and returned to the capital. What's up Tang Mengmei said that in South China, she rarely received a call from Zhu Siqi on her own initiative. It's nothing. Let's talk about it when you come back. Zhu Siqi said. Is it really all right? Tang Mengmei reconfirmed. Let's talk about it when you come back. What are you going to do in Beijing? Is it to go home and have a look? Zhu Siqi said. "I'm not in South China now. In that case, Longxing Machinery Company can't make a small fight. I came to Beijing to attend an exhibition of machinery products and go home by the way." Tang Mengmei said. When will you be back? Zhu Siqi said. Three days later. Tang Mengmei said. I'll talk to you when you come back in three days. Zhu Siqi said. Although Zhu Siqi and Tang Mengmei made an appointment to meet again three days later, Zhang Min seemed a little impatient. The next day, when Zhu Siqi just went to work, his phone called Zhu Siqi's desk. Secretary Zhu, this is Zhang Min. How was the talk there yesterday? Zhang Mindao. Tang Mengmei is not in South China now and will not be back until three days later. Zhu Siqi did not expect Zhang Min to attach so much importance to this matter and immediately said. "Well, hurry up and do it. I've pinned all my hopes on you." Zhang Min laughed. Zhu Siqi: ".." "Secretary Zhu, this is today's itinerary." After Zhu Siqi answered the phone, Liu Ming came in. Zhu Siqi's most important thing at this stage is to install all the departments in the city's political and legal system that can install cameras, so he decided to go to the following counties to have a look. Although the notice has been issued, how about the following implementation? This needs to be seen before we know. Now the most annoying thing for Zhu Siqi is the problem of funds. In the city, he has no pressure of funds because of the "sponsorship" of Longxing Machinery, but he can't do it below. Originally, Zhu Siqi meant to let the Secretary of the Political and Legal Committee of the county raise funds by himself, but he didn't expect that a person would complain bitterly after receiving the notice. It's not that there is no source of funds or no funds at all, which makes Zhu Siqi very annoyed. Secretary Liu,cantilever racking system, how many daily visits are there on the website of Eye of Heaven now? Zhu Siqi said. Because only South China IP can be accessed, the number of visits is not very high, only more than two million a day. Liu Mingdao. jracking.com