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This is an intolerable humiliation for any wife. Li Shi is such a strong temper.

She didn't even have the strength to sit up, but she gritted her teeth and said, "Well, I'll ask her myself." After a pause, he suddenly added, "I'll wait for the young master to come back and ask Yan'er in front of him." She wants to expose Li's plot in front of Rong Yu! The idea of pulling the rainbow floated clearly on her face. Mother Wu's lips raised a sarcastic arc, but she nodded crisply and neatly and answered, "Well, the old slave will go and report to the young grandmother." Near evening, Rong Yu came back. Rong Cong and Rong Jin also coincidentally returned to the house. Lee was very calm and told the results of the afternoon interrogation one by one: "." Someone saw Yaner slip into the house with her own eyes and look a little flustered when she came out. I asked her at first, but she wouldn't say. After a beating, she was willing to confess. He said that he put a bag of safflower powder with strong medicinal properties in the bowl of porridge. When I asked her the reason, she said that Wanhong beat and scolded her at every turn and was better to Chunliu, so she always took it to heart. Do something wrong on impulse. Rong Yu's face was extremely gloomy, her fists were clenched tightly, and there was a trace of coolness in her voice: "Where is Yan'er?" "Locked up in the house.". Just waiting for you to come back and confront her face to face. Speaking of the last sentence, Li's eyes flashed a trace of ridicule. I don't know whether I am laughing at the overreach of the rainbow or at myself. This so-called confrontation is directed at her. If Rong Yu respected her and trusted her, he should not nod his head in agreement. At least save her some face in front of everyone. If Rong Yu really nodded, then, her mother's face is gone,tile profile factory, not to mention, but also deeply hurt the couple's feelings. Rong Yu, what would you do? Everyone's eyes are looking at Rong Yu. Rong Yu's face was calm, and a series of complicated emotions flashed through her eyes. Finally, he said slowly, "It's good to make it clear." Although Li had expected this result, at the moment of hearing this sentence, it was still thunderous. His face turned white out of control,stainless steel edging strip, and his hand trembled in his sleeve. With the strength of the whole body, just restrain did not lose his temper, short answer: "Good, my body this to arrange." Ning Xi finally has a trace of sympathy for Li. Regardless of the outcome of the confrontation, the rift between husband and wife has been created. In the future, Li Shi and Rong Yu probably can't even respect each other. Hsiao Yueh-erh also had some unpleasant feelings in her heart. She had a special status, so she had less scruples when she spoke. She said bluntly, "Elder brother, this is not quite appropriate!" Rong Cong also coughed and said, "Yes, sister-in-law always does things fairly.". Now that the interrogation is clear, there is no need for confrontation! If it really comes to this, how can Li be a man in the house in the future? As soon as their husband and wife opened their mouths, Ning Xi and Rong Jin could not be silent any more, stainless steel tile trim ,stainless steel tile edge trim, and each echoed a few words. Even if Li Shi has more is not, in the end or Rong Yu's wife, is the eldest daughter-in-law of Rong Fu. If it does, it won't do any good. Unless Rong Yu really intends to break up with Li. No matter what the people out of mind, finally stood on the side of Lee. Li Shi has been stiff expression, a little softer: "Thank you two younger brothers and three younger brothers, thank you two younger brothers and sisters for their kindness.". However, this matter is not clear, the husband must have a lot in his heart. The rainbow will always hold a grudge, so it's better to say it face to face today. Chapter 413 Confrontation. Rong Yu's eyes flashed again and again. Finally she opened her mouth and said, "Since you said so, I'll make it clear.". If Yaner really did it, I won't forgive her. If the main messenger is someone else. After a pause, he went on: "I will not forgive lightly." The words have come to this point, and the love between husband and wife is gone. Li Shi can also squeeze out a smile: "Xianggong said yes." With a calm expression, she told Mother Wu, "You ask someone to take Yaner and Chunliu to Aunt Hong's room, and we'll go there." Mother Wu looked at Li worriedly, but did not dare to talk much, and sighed secretly. Li Shi looks to Ning Xi and others again: "Everybody is free, might as well do a witness together." Needless to say, everyone wanted to follow her to have a look. Rong Cong and Rong Jin secretly thought that if the situation was not good, at least they could "persuade" Rong Yu to go first. Xiao Yueer and Ning Xi both thought that such excitement could not be missed. So, a group of people went to the courtyard of the rainbow. After the miscarriage, the body was very weak, but she got out of bed. This slightly enchanting face is a little pale, but more charming than usual. Seeing Rong Yu, the tears of the rainbow fell down. When a beautiful woman weeps, she is naturally loved. As soon as Rong Yu's heart softened, she went over in person, supported the rainbow, and whispered a few words of comfort. They didn't hear what they said. However, Rong Yu's gentle expression was clearly revealed. Rong Cong and Rong Jin also just, Xiao Yueer saw but some resentful. In front of so many people, Rong Yu's style, where to put Li Shi? Ning Xi has no affection for Li Shi. But at this moment, there was more and more sympathy. The husband had another woman in his heart and made the woman pregnant. This is an intolerable humiliation for any wife. Li Shi is such a strong temper. He used the most inappropriate and drastic means to solve the problem of the baby in the belly of the rainbow. This kind of sinister means is really undesirable, but from Li's point of view, probably only by doing so can we get out of this bad breath in our hearts. Li Shi looked at Rong Yu and Wan Hong coldly. The corners of the lips are tight. After a while, Chunliu and Yaner were brought and knelt on the ground. Both of them were beaten and locked up all night, and their faces were so good that they could not see where they were. Yan'er, in particular, did not know how many boards he had received, and his back was stained with blood. His hair was in a mess and he looked very embarrassed. Wanhong took one look and felt resentful, angry and angry. "Yan'er, look up at me." The swallow looked up in a daze. Her eyes flashed and she asked coldly,stainless steel edge trim, "Did you do this or not?" Pause. He added, "Don't be afraid. With the young master here, no one dares to wrong you.". Just tell the truth. 。