Happy Piggy of Rebirth

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If not, I'll call Sister Wenjing and ask her to go to our apartment and have a look. Sun Chen smiled and said, "OK, OK,

"Huh?"? Nothing. I want to go back and cook something delicious for you to feed your greedy little cat. Yang Manling congealed her little face. Hey, I love to eat whatever you cook. By the way, Ah Chen cooks very well! A Chen a Chen ~ ~ "said again, she put her body close to the front, leaning on the co-pilot and calling." "Yes, yes, yes, my eldest young lady, I will go to buy vegetables after I send you home. Auntie, if you don't mind, please try my craft. If you can, please give me more advice. Xiao Xiao's mouth is picking." "Nonsense, there is no reason to let the guests start." Zhu's father scolded Zhu Xiaoxiao softly and looked at Sun Chen. "Sun Chen, Xiaoxiao, this child is fooling around. Don't take it to heart. Xiaoxiao has troubled you in the United States. When we return home, we must let us do our best." Chapter 191 Sun Chen smiled shallowly and did not refute it. He sat quietly in his seat and looked ahead, but Zhu Xiaoxiao pulled Zhu's father's sleeve in the back row. "Dad, Ah Chen is not an outsider." Zhu father also silent, by her drag, Zhu Xiaoxiao a little discouraged, do not understand why Sun Chen is so good, his father is not pleasing to the eye,Ceramic Band Heater, but that looks cold man, but let his father so maintain, think of that face condensation of the man, Zhu Xiaoxiao feel the scalp does not control the throbbing pain, can not help but raise his hand to pinch the eyebrows. Sun Chen saw her little action from the reflector, and hurriedly turned around and said, "Is it uncomfortable, Xiao Xiao,Ozone generator ceramic plate, relax, slowly distract your attention, think about what delicious food you want me to cook for you for a while?" 。 Yang Manling hurriedly looked down, and sure enough, Zhu Xiaoxiao's face was a little pale. She couldn't help staring at her husband. Zhu's father touched his nose and looked out of the window without speaking. Zhu Xiaoxiao felt a little uncomfortable and murmured, "Ah Chen.". Chen, I'm not feeling well. Sun Chen ordered the driver next to him to stop, went to the back row and bent down to pick up Zhu Xiaoxiao, placed him in his chest, and hummed lightly in his mouth. “Je me rappelle le jour。 Ou je t'ai vu mon amour。 Au detour d'une ruelle Qui aurait pu imaginer。 Que le destin ……” Looking at Zhu Xiaoxiao in her arms, she relaxed her eyebrows, and Sun Chen coaxed her softly, "I'm here, relax." Zhu Xiaoxiao felt that the throbbing pain passed, slowly opened his eyes, ceramic sandblasting nozzles ,Kamado bbq grill, saw Sun Chen's face can not hide the worry, she slowly reached out her hand close to his cheek, pulled hard, "Hee Hee, I saw oh, still do not admit that love me?" 。 db85e2590b6109813daf Sun Chen smiled and hugged her and put his chin on her hairline. "Yes, I have loved her so much that there is no medicine to save her." He murmured softly in his mouth, but his thoughts had drifted to the distance. It seemed that he had won the game, but he had lost his heart. Now, he was no doubt like drinking a dove to quench his thirst. He was afraid that when she remembered all this and what they had done to her, what would happen to her and what would happen between them. Zhu's father looked at the two people snuggling together and sighed heavily. Yang Manling next to him pulled his sleeve and shook his head with her eyes. Out of consideration for Zhu Xiaoxiao's body, Zhu's father finally agreed to let Zhu Xiaoxiao follow Sun Chen home and take care of him nearby. In the evening, Zhu Xiaoxiao pattered his slippers all over the room. Sun Chen, who was reading a medical journal, couldn't help looking at the little woman who was busy going in and out. "What's wrong? It's like a headless chicken." "Go, go.". You are a fly. Where is my little prince? Chen, have you seen my little prince? Zhu Xiaoxiao held the door frame and poked his head into the study. "I remember I put it in the suitcase." Sun Chen's eyes flashed slightly and he stood up with a smile. "How come there's nothing in the luggage?"? If not, I will accompany you to buy another one tomorrow. Zhu Xiaoxiao curled his lips. "How can that be the same? You gave me that book.". ” Sun Chen was stupefied, "did I send you?" Zhu Xiaoxiao nodded, "Yes.". As a child. Eh. That's weird. Chen, did we know each other when we were young? Sun Chen went to the door of the study and brought her in. "Are you watching Korean dramas again these days? When you watch Korean dramas, you will put strange plots on yourself.". Zhu Xiaoxiao scratched his forehead. I read a little, but it was strange that I always felt that the book was sent by a very important person. "I looked up at Sun Chen." But for me, the most important person is Ah Chen. Sun Chen kissed her, "shall I buy another one for you tomorrow?" Zhu Xiaoxiao thought, "I'll look for it again.". If not, I'll call Sister Wenjing and ask her to go to our apartment and have a look. Sun Chen smiled and said, "OK, OK, what you say is what, it's already 10 o'clock, the good child should go to bed, you go to the room first, I'll bring milk in for you later?" Zhu Xiaoxiao nodded, stood up, saw the bright lights outside the window of the street, can not help but sigh with emotion, "only three years out, here has changed so much, before looking out from here, there are only some low bungalows." Then he pecked Sun Chen lightly and went out. In the study, Sun Chen watched Zhu Xiaoxiao go out, slowly got up and closed the door of the study, dialed the phone, "It's me." Jiang Han on the other end of the phone raised his eyebrows. "What's wrong? Didn't you just return to China?"? Something's wrong. "Yes, it seems that the situation is not very good. When she came back, she remembered a lot of messy things. Although she still didn't think of the family, she would say a lot of things related to the family unconsciously,7g Ozone Generator, but she thought it was me." "Did you stop taking that medicine?" Jiang Han got up and got out of bed, looked back at the half-naked woman on the bed, and went to the window. global-ceramics.com