The Strongest Abandoned Young _ Goose Is the Fifth _ txt Novel Paradise

Although the people on the street did not dare to approach the shop they had bought, the people around them gathered more and more, apparently knowing that there was going to be excitement here.

The immortal did not even think about it, put away the storage bag, hurriedly handed him a contract made of leather, turned around and walked away, but disappeared without a trace in the blink of an eye. ...... Chapter 2106 is the Great Sun God Mountain again. "Boss, why do I feel like we're losing out?" Although Qiu Rang did not like to use his brain, he also saw this obvious thing. What's more, there are some people around here who look at it and shake their heads. I also feel that I have suffered some losses. Now the spar has been paid to others, and we can only live in it. He actually agreed with Qiu Rang's words. After listening to his words, many people around him shook their heads and said nothing, but no one came forward to say anything. There's a formation in front of it. Qiu Rang rushed into the shop in a hurry, but was immediately ejected. Don't talk nonsense about the limited cultivation of Qiu Rang, even if the peak of the immortal emperor, or even the cultivation of plastic Taoism, if you are not proficient in the formation, you can't see that there is a hidden defensive formation in front of the shop. The people around saw that Qiu Rang was blocked out, and no one was surprised, but they all showed such a look. Kui had long seen this defensive array, and he was wondering why he had to get a hidden defensive array in front of it since it was a street shop. But this matter he did not take to heart, since this shop is his, he can remove this array at any time. Now Qiu Rang was ejected by the array, and the people on the side showed a clear look, which was already a little clear. He seems to have been taken in. This immortal friend, this array can't move, if you move, you have to. An immortal emperor, who finally could not see past it, said something to one side. Hum Who is gossiping? A cold hum interrupted the immortal emperor's words, and the next moment a man with a flat nose fell in front of the immortal emperor. Although there were many people here,fish measuring tape, no one could see where he came from. As soon as the immortal emperor's face changed, he immediately bowed his head and turned to leave. Want to leave? Just now you bumped into my defensive array and disturbed my fairy pet, so you want to leave? The man with a flat nose snorted again. This reminded the immortal emperor's face immediately looked even more ugly, he hurriedly said, "I did not hit your array.." The man with a flat nose sneered, and without waiting for the immortal emperor to finish his words, he interrupted directly and said, "You didn't hit him, who did?"? Point it out, and the emperor can be dealt with leniently. "Ben Wang hit it, what about you?"? This shop was bought by our boss. Could it be that you arranged the formation in front of our shop? If it were you, it would be easy. I'm worried that I can't find someone to compensate me. When Qiu Rang and Wu Ying were together, they learned to open their mouths without learning anything else. He heard Wuying say that he dared to be king in front of the immortal emperor when he was the eldest immortal king, and now he is also king, Fish measuring board ,Diameter tape measure, and his heart is very comfortable. Ha ha ha ha, just a fairy king. Instead, the man with a flat nose laughed angrily, apparently feeling that what Qiu Rang said and his people were too ridiculous. Do you set up a hidden defensive formation outside the shop? Kui finally understood the role of this array, but also understand why there is a three-legged bear in the middle of this array. Needless to say, the little bear was deliberately kept here by others. Kui raised his hand and offered purple. A purple awn crossed, and the hidden array in front of him was immediately torn into pieces by purple. Qiu Rang, go and catch the three-legged bear. The formation was destroyed, and the little bear was about to rush out, but after only a few steps, he was caught by Qiu Rang. You dare to break the formation of the Lord of the Little Castle, you. The man with a flat nose pointed at him in shock, as if he could not believe that a foreigner dared to do such a thing. Fuck off Kui raised his hand is a slap, although this flat nose man is also the immortal emperor repair, but was Kui this slap flew out hundreds of meters away, hit the corner of the street, fell down. The people around saw the fight and retreated one after another, even those who wanted to watch the fun were far away from here. They know that the excitement here is not good. The man with a flat nose was slapped away, and then he came to his senses. Before he could stand up, he found that all his meridians had been smashed by the slap. Can a slap will he an immortal emperor beat fly, at the same time destroy all the meridians on his body, this flat nose man where do not know oneself meet hard stubble, immediately climb up, even a word also dare not say more, turn around and run away quickly. Although the people on the street did not dare to approach the shop they had bought, the people around them gathered more and more, apparently knowing that there was going to be excitement here. It seems that this foreign immortal emperor is not an easy one to mess with. He didn't even ask anything, so he slapped the man away. Knowing that the shop should not be so simple, he asked Qiu Rang to go in and tidy up the shop, and he had to rearrange the formation outside. To his surprise, when he finished arranging the array, Qiu Rang had already tidied up the shop, and no one came to him. At the door of the shop, he arranged a few big characters, 'Luoyue Danqi Shengge', and took out a pile of elixirs and some magic weapons and gave them to Qiu Rang to put out. Kui's Alchemy Pavilion is mainly to help others refine top elixirs and immortals. Of course, there are lists of artifacts. At the same time, the purchase of top refining materials and top spirits, the number is not limited. Originally, as an outsider, he offended people who should not be offended, and no one was optimistic that he would stay in Lunlan Shengdao City. But the name of the shop he opened is amazing. In Lunlan Shengdao City, there are Dan Pavilion and Qi Pavilion, and there are also Dan wares sold together. But what kind of strength is that? Those who can sell high-level elixirs are the top forces, and they all have a group of high-level elixir masters, even Dan Sheng. Even so, no one named the Holy Pavilion,Adhesive fish ruler, at most just a Dan Pavilion. It is impossible to have a high-level Dan Saint, even if it is a Dan Saint who can only refine the worst level of Dan, it is not a place that Lunlan Shengdao City can afford.