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The beautiful and lively sisters, Philomena and Pembinia, have talked about how powerful a well-spoken word is, but unfortunately

The beautiful and lively sisters, Philomena and Pembinia, have talked about how powerful a well-spoken word is, but unfortunately we are not good at dealing with it. They are right, and I don't need to say anything more, but I would like to remind you that this response should be like a mosquito bite, not like a dog bite, because if you say hurtful words, it is abuse, not response. This was well illustrated by the answers of Mrs. Ollida and Chisty. But if a person is bitten like a dog by a person who uses ugly words, then it is not difficult to take the opportunity to bite back in such a situation. So when we joke with people, we should recognize the object, pay attention to how to say this sentence, and pay attention to the time and occasion. We have a bishop who, because he did not pay attention to this aspect, tried to bite others with sharp words, but instead gave them a lot of return and humiliated himself. That's the story I'm going to tell today. Once upon a time there was a Bishop of Florence, named Antonio D'Urso, who had learned a great deal. At that time, a distinguished visitor of Gardaronia, named Teuco Terra Rada, came to Florence. He was a general under King Robert. He was a handsome man and an old hand in love. It was not long before he fell in love with one of the most beautiful women in Florence. She was the granddaughter of the Bishop's brother, and her husband, though the son of an aristocratic family, was a man who was jealous of money. When the general found out that the husband was such a person, he promised him five hundred gold coins if he would let his wife sleep with him for one night. The husband actually agreed to come down, regardless of whether his wife would do it or not. And the general also had his stratagem. He gilded the silver coin that was in common use at that time. After sleeping with the woman, he gave the fake gold coin to the husband. Later, the matter was known to everyone, and as a joke, the despicable husband could not get money, but damaged his reputation. And the Bishop, who is indeed a wise man, pretended not to know about it. The bishop and the general often met, and on one occasion, on the feast day of St. John, when they were riding together, they saw many women running through the streets to the racecourse. The Bishop saw a young woman, Madame Nona de Burchi, a cousin of Uncle Alejo Linucci, whom you must all know-but who died in the plague. She was a young woman with bright eyes and white teeth, articulate and noble, who had just married and lived with her husband in the district of Boda San Piero. The Bishop pointed to the general, and when he was near her, he laid his hand on the general's shoulder and said to her: Nona, what do you think of this dissolute boy? Do you think you can subdue him? The young woman felt that the Bishop's reputation was greatly affected by this frivolous remark in front of many people on the road, beam impact tubes ,side impact beams, but she did not want to defend herself, but to retaliate, so she immediately retorted: "My Lord, he probably can't win me over. If he wants to try, I want real gold coins." This remark struck both the general and the bishop; the former, who had played with his brother's granddaughter in a mean way, and the latter, who was ashamed of her granddaughter, were so angry that they dared not speak to her any more, and did not dare to look at each other, but rode in resentfully. In this way, the young woman was bitten first, and she had to bite back. www.xiaoshuotxt.,com Story number four CICHIBIO, the cook, was reproached by his master, but he made the master turn his anger into joy and forgive him with a witty remark. When Laurida had finished, everyone complimented Nona on her eloquence, and the Queen told Nefile to go on with a story. She began to say: My dear sisters, an eloquent person can improvise, answer fluently, and speak just right, very appropriately. But when an ordinary person is in a hurry, God will make him quick-witted and put words into his mouth that he never thought of. I will tell you such a story now. Gourado Jeanfiliarch, who must have been seen or heard by all my sisters, was a noble man in our town, who lived a generous and generous life, and who lived a gentleman's life, indulging in the pleasures of hawks and dogs, and putting aside the serious things. One day, with a falcon, he hunted a white crane near Piletola. He saw that it was still a young crane, and it was very fat. He gave it to the cook, CICHIBIO, and told him to cook it into a good dish and serve it at dinner. The cook was a good cook. He was Venetian, but a little silly. He took the crane and cleaned it up. He put it on the fire and roasted it with his heart. When the crane meat was almost cooked and roasted, a girl from the neighborhood happened to come. The girl's name was Brennada, and he was passionately in love with her. When she came to the kitchen, she smelled a delicious smell and saw the meat of the crane being roasted. She was so salivated that she clung to Cheachibio and gave her a leg to taste. But he hummed a tune and answered her: I won't give it to you. Miss Brennada, I won't give it to you. This time, she got angry and said to him, "By God.". If you really won't give me the crane leg, you can't expect me to promise you anything. The two of them quarreled with each other in this way, and after all, he did not dare to provoke his lover, so he had to cut off a crane leg and give it to her to eat. After a while, a plate of crane meat was placed on the table of Jurado and many guests. Currado was very surprised to see that one of the legs was missing, so he called CICHIBIO and asked him where the other one had gone. But the lying Venetian answered without hesitation: "Master, a crane has only one leg and one foot." "What are you talking about?" "Does a crane have only one leg and one foot?" Said Jurado angrily? Do you think I've never seen a crane? "I am not mistaken,Precision steel tubes, master," said CICHIBIO obstinately. "There are many living cranes. If you want to see them, I can show them to you at any time." 。