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Qu Tao was stunned. Bian Shoutong said shyly, "The two monsters said they were looking for a wife, and each of them caught one.".

Qu Tao was stunned. Bian Shoutong said shyly, "The two monsters said they were looking for a wife, and each of them caught one.". Unexpectedly, there would be such a thing in the world. If we don't look for it quickly, we're afraid of her two. Qu Tao nodded and said, "In that case, I'll go with you." Bian Shoutong was so angry that his face turned white. He really wanted to find the two strange men at once and teach them a lesson. But Qu Tao's attitude seemed to have a lot of worries. Bian Shoutong looked at it in his eyes and was somewhat puzzled. Because he had already seen Qu Tao's kungfu, which could be said to have reached its peak, but he was so hesitant that it seemed that the old man of the glacier was not a fairy? Although he did not say it in his mouth, his heart was very unfair, and he just wanted to have a chance to see what kind of person the glacier old man was. At this time, Qu Tao in the front, followed by thin Tong, two people spread out their posture, through the cliffs and rocks. After about a cup of tea, I saw that the sky was getting darker and darker, but there was a peak of white stone in front of me, showing a light similar to that of day. Qu Tao stopped at the foot of the peak and said, "This is Little South Peak." At this time, Bian Shoutong also felt that the temperature near the small south peak was obviously much lower than other places, and his body was chilly, so he said, "It's really cold here!" Qu Tao snorted and said, "This is just under the peak. If you go up, you will know that it will be much colder.." As he spoke,precision welded tubes, he stretched out his finger and pointed to some bright white places on the peak and said, "See, these are all ice and snow on the peak. This is one of the strangest places in Wushan Peak. Although it is midsummer, there is still ice and snow on this small south peak. It is very cold!" Bian Shoutong smiled coldly and said, "So it seems that the glacier old man is really here?" Qu Tao looked up at the peak for a moment and said, "Let's go up and have a look. But, brother, you have to be patient in everything, especially in this matter. Don't be reckless.". We'd better see the glacier old man and argue with him that we can't use force! Bian Shoutong said with a sneer,side impact beams, "Are you so afraid of him?" Qu Tao was stunned for a moment and said with a wry smile, "You're right. This is a common problem in the martial arts world.". Brother! It's not easy for you to become famous, but you don't know how to cherish your feathers! Bian Shoutong smiled and said, "As long as I think it's a just act, I won't hesitate to be crushed to pieces." Qu Tao snorted coldly and said, "The old man of the glacier is not as bad as you think. In fact, he is a very admirable person. This kind of person's accidental behavior deviation is not necessarily a crime.". For this kind of person, we can't just act on impulse! As he spoke, he leaped onto a rock and said, "Let's go up." Bian Shoutong said nothing more, and the two of them quickly climbed up the mountain. Bian Shoutong is the first time to come here, only to feel the cold wind everywhere, almost to blow people stiff. As far as he could see, there was ice and snow everywhere, and few trees and grass could be seen. It is not easy to find anything on such a lonely mountain. The more you go up, the colder it gets. Fortunately, both of them have profound internal skills. They only need to carry the true power of the Dantian, beam impact tubes ,side impact door beams, and the cold current can't invade the body. The two of them circled around the small south peak, only to see the ice and stone like snow, spreading out layer by layer, but they did not know where the three of them lived? The two of them circled the ridge several times, but still found nothing. Edge thin tung sneer at 1, way: "What do you think of this, senior?" Qu Tao shook his head and said with a sigh, "The old man of the glacier is used to living in strange places. I'm afraid I can't find him for a while." "If the two girls were insulted by those two boys, what should they do?" Asked Bian Shoutong. Qu Tao smiled coldly and said, "This will never happen, brother. I can assure you.". I don't know anything else. The family rules of the Glacier Old Man are extremely strict. He will never allow his disciples to act so recklessly! Bian Shoutong sneered and said, "But he allowed his disciples to rob women outside!" Said, two people in this small south peak to find a time, almost every piece of ice and stone have been covered, still can not find any clues, helpless, two people had to go back temporarily. Twenty-six, cold flame heart fire broken jade knife Under the control of Yi Mu, Xue Yongmei was taken to a cold world! She felt that the cold wind seemed to freeze her. Suddenly, Yimu stopped. He looked back, lowered his head and said to Xue Yongmei, "Little girl.." Are you cold? Xue Yongmei had made up her mind to fight this strange man with death, but along the way, she was surprised to find that this man had nothing wrong with himself, he had been very cautious to hold himself, even dare not touch himself. Hearing him suddenly ask this sentence, Xue Yongmei did not want to talk to him, but because of his thin clothes, he was really too cold to eat, so he nodded. When Yimu heard this, he nodded his head and said, "Never mind!" With that, Xue Yongmei felt that his hands, which were holding him, suddenly became extremely hot, and two streams of warm air came from his palms. These two heats, as soon as they entered her body, made her warm a lot. The moonlight in the sky is very bright, the snow uses plum to see this strange person second wood, not by frighten to break out a cold sweat. His thin white face was bloodless, his cheeks were thin and narrow, his lips had a few yellow whiskers, his neck was thin and big, and he looked like a zombie crawling out of the grave. Xue Yongmei was so frightened that she quickly closed her eyes! She knew that with her little skill she could not beat him, nor could she run away, and that she had to let him push her around. Now he's in his hands, and if he doesn't have any good intentions, he's really. Thinking of this, I was so frightened that I opened my eyes again. But see the other side a pair of millet-like eyes, staring at themselves, the face shows a kind of extreme admiration of color. Xue Yongmei smiled coldly and dared to say, "Where did you take me?" Yi Mu saw that she actually opened her mouth to speak, can not help but jump with joy. "What are you going to do?" Asked Xue Yongmei fearfully. Yi Mu grinned and said, "I'm waiting for C Huo,stainless steel tube 304, little girl!"! What's your last name? Don't be afraid, I and C fire, will be very good to you! 。