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Chen Zhifan was a little amused, but his face did not show it. He said lightly, "I fully understand what you said. I don't know what you

Chen Zhifan was a little amused, but his face did not show it. He said lightly, "I fully understand what you said. I don't know what you need us to do to give Dan Lingyin." As soon as Taotie saw what Chen Zhifan had said, he said hurriedly, "Your Excellency, in exchange for one thing, the old dragon should lead Dan Ling to a predestined person." Chen Zhifan secretly complained in his heart that he did not know what strange things the old dragon would want. Although Chen Zhifan was nervous in his heart, his face did not show it at all. "I don't know what you want, sir," he said lightly? If we have the ability, we should take it for you! Unexpectedly, Taotie shook his head and said, "What the old dragon wants is not a thing." Chen Zhifan is more at a loss, since do not want things, then why say that thing to change. Chen Zhifan continued to ask patiently, "Sir, please quote a famous saying. If we can, we should take it for you in exchange for Dan Lingyin." Gluttony looked at Chen Zhifan thoughtfully and answered the wrong question: "a predestined person, do you know what the old dragon likes and dislikes?" Chen Zhifan fell into deep thinking. This gluttonous, ferocious and tyrannical, why is it so refined today, but Chen Zhifan can't figure it out. Chen Zhifan naturally knows what Taotie likes and hates. The gluttonous nature is ferocious, very gluttonous, if has the food, the gluttonous often can eat forgets the time. What gluttony hates is the earth element. In the three realms, there is no escape from the principle of mutual restriction of the five elements. Taotie is a dragon, and the five natures belong to water,plastic pallet suppliers, so what Taotie hates most is to restrain his earth element. Thinking of this, Chen Zhifan was suddenly enlightened and said, "It's not difficult to do what you want to eat!"! Say, sir, as long as sir wants to eat, I should be able to do anything except human beings! Unexpectedly, Taotie shook his head again. This time, Chen Zhifan was confused again. Chapter 1192 of the main text, the requirements of gluttony. Chen Zhifan looked at Taotie blankly and asked, "Sir,drum spill pallet, since you don't want to eat it, what is it?"? Sir, please feel free to say it, as long as we can do it, we will certainly satisfy you! Gluttonous pondering way: "I want, say difficult also difficult, say simple also very simple!" " Chen Zhifan stared at Taotie in a daze and replied lightly, "Let's hear it, sir!" From the very beginning, when Chen Zhifan saw that Taotie's evil spirit was not strong, he thought of Xuan Tianzi's words, thinking that if it could be resolved peacefully, it would be the best. Therefore, Chen Zhifan is particularly polite in both speech and action. "What I want is three meals a day," said Taotie. "If I eat, I'll have meat. If I drink, I'll have soup." Chen Zhifan did not know whether what Taotie said was true or not. Incredibly, he asked, "Is what you said true, collapsible pallet box ,plastic pallet crates, sir?" "Nature takes it seriously!" "Is it that simple?" Chen Zhifan could hardly believe his ears. The feeling of surprise is obvious. Unexpectedly, Taotie continued to ponder and said, "I have something to say in advance. It is difficult to say it is difficult, but it is also simple to say it is simple!"! But.. "Taotie suddenly stopped talking.". As soon as the word "but" was spoken, Chen Zhifan knew that trouble was coming. Sure enough, Taotie went on to say, "There is meat for eating and soup for drinking. There is a time limit. I wonder if you can agree?" Chen Zhifan pretended not to take it seriously and said, "How long is the deadline? Please just say it, sir!" Thirty years! Please think carefully before you answer! I have plenty of time! Taotie said it without thinking. Chen Zhifan did not expect that as soon as the glutton opened his mouth, he would have to help him complete 30 years of rations. For Taotie, these 30 years are just a snap of a finger. But for Chen Zhifan, thirty years is too long. Chen Zhifan looked embarrassed and began to hesitate. He thought carefully: "Look at the appearance of Taotie, not like a joke with himself.". But this period of 30 years, in any case, I can not agree. Even though the gluttonous appetite is huge, according to Chen Zhifan's current financial resources, let alone thirty years, even three hundred years, Chen Zhifan will definitely not frown because of his love for money. Ten thousand steps back, even if Chen Zhifan promised Taotie, willing to spend money to send food to Taotie, but in this bitter and cold place of Kunlun Mountains, ready to eat, who is willing to send? Chen Zhifan was embarrassed and said, "Sir, I'm a little embarrassed about this question.." Then he said what he had just thought. But when Taotie heard this, he burst out laughing and said, "I thought you were a predestined person, and you must be a talented person, but your ideas are so pedantic." Chen Zhifan didn't know why Taotie said that. He said blankly, "What do you mean by that, sir? Did I misunderstand you?" "Of course you're wrong!" Taotie shook the huge dragon's head and then said, "What I want is the essence of the food, that's all!" Taotie ignored Chen Zhifan and continued to explain, "If you agree, you will ask someone to shape the golden body, offer incense every day, and offer sacrifices for three meals, then everything will be fine!" Chen Zhifan listened to Taotie's words and finally understood the meaning of Taotie. If so, Chen Zhifan can also do it. Chen Zhifan said happily, "Sir, the lesson is that I am really pedantic.". If so, I can do it! Gluttonous exhorts again: "You are predestined person, personality respect does not have a problem naturally, I should believe!"! But I still want to say a few words, thirty years, can not be cut off, if you can answer, I will immediately lead Dan Ling to you! Chen Zhifan thought that if he could get Dan Lingyin without bloodshed, what would be the time of thirty years! Without thinking, Chen Zhifan answered, "If what you said is true, I will follow your orders for the past thirty years and never make any mistakes." Taotie nodded with satisfaction and said, "In this way, there will be a predestined person." Then he used his claws to pick out a few pieces of dragon scales from his dragon head and gave them to Chen Zhifan, saying, "These are my dragon scales. When I make the statue, put them in it, and I can find the essence." Chen Zhifan nodded,plastic pallet price, took the dragon scales, wrapped them carefully, and put them in his pocket. binpallet.com