Prehistoric Longmen Formation

"Yes, I believe that today's Longyu Shaozhu is a strong man who has met an ordinary real fairyland, and he is certainly not his opponent.

"Yes, I believe that today's Longyu Shaozhu is a strong man who has met an ordinary real fairyland, and he is certainly not his opponent. Although Ao Tianxing is fierce, few of the fighters he has met have reached the strength of the real fairyland, so how can he be the opponent of Longyu Shaozhu?" On the other side, under the leadership of Lianshan Childe and others, many demon clans from Feilong Cave talked loudly, not putting Ao Tianxing in their eyes at all, as if their young master Longyu had won. Similarly, some of the residents of the Holy City are fans of Longyu. They believe that Longyu's strength is absolutely superior to Ao Tianxing's, so they choose to support Longyu without hesitation. At this time, they are also publicizing Longyu's achievements around them. No matter who wins or loses, today is definitely the most exciting challenge since the ten thousand consecutive wins. "Yes, both of them are rare geniuses. I don't know who will be the final winner." "We have a good sight today, we can see the final battle of ten thousand consecutive victories, and we will have the capital to boast when we see others in the future." "The younger generation is really awesome. I heard that Longyu Shaozhu has been practicing for less than three hundred years, and he is already one step away from the real fairyland.". It is said that Ao Tianxing has only been practicing for more than a hundred years, and he has been able to challenge the strong people in the later period of the scattered fairyland by practicing in the later period of the spiritual realm. It is even more rare to cross a great realm challenge. Think about it, if he also broke through to the real fairyland, it is estimated that he will be able to challenge the super strong in the fairyland. "Don't tell me, it's really possible,car radiator cap, but I've never heard of such a thing before. What is the background of Ao Tianxing? He has such a perverted talent. He will grow up to be a super strong man in the future." "Speaking of gifted perverts, don't you think this Ao Tianxing looks like Lord Tianbing, the head of the Dragon Court Fairy Mansion?"? But I heard that Lord Tianbing's fighting power, which broke out in the body of a real dragon, was not afraid of the strong man in the middle of the real fairyland, and he also had only the cultivation in the later period of the spiritual realm, which was a more abnormal talent than Ao Tianxing. There are many people who say that Ao Tianxing is Tianbing, but there is no evidence,socket screw plug, and he himself did not admit it, but if this is true, then it shows that Ao Tianxing is still hiding strength. It's incredible to think that he has completed the challenge of 9999 consecutive victories, but he hasn't used his real strength yet. What a terrible person he is. "You said this, I remember, Ao Tianxing in front of more than nine thousand battles, it seems that he has never shown the body, does it not mean that he really did not use all his strength?"? Can Longyu Shaozhu force out the body of Ao Tianxing today? Maybe we can look forward to it, maybe we can know today whether Ao Tianxing is a real dragon or not. There are a large number of viewers, they did not explicitly support Ao Tianxing or Longyu, but more objectively discussed the strength of the two, but the identity of Ao Tianxing is more interested. Therefore, whether it is to support Ao Tianxing's demon repair, or to support the dragon feather of the dragon clan, titanium machining parts ,Investment casting parts, as well as a large number of those who watch the fun of the demon repair, all full of expectations, all talk about excitement. Whew- "" Ao Tianxing stood on the bloody platform, gradually hiding part of his breath, the audience outside if not for the eyes to see him standing there, I am afraid only by divine consciousness simply can not find him. However, Ao Tianxing did not wait long, in a whistling sound, the dragon feather appeared on the blood platform, although it was in human form, but a pair of black wings behind him were still proudly publicized, suspending his body in midair, as if the high demon God was coldly facing Ao Tianxing. On Longyu's body, Ao Tianxing suddenly felt a trace of the breath of the real fairyland strong, overwhelming, without the slightest concealment of the meaning, aroused a slight tremor of energy around heaven and earth. It turned out that he was suppressing his own cultivation and wanted to fight me in the name of the late period of the scattered fairyland, but he would break through his own cultivation to the early period of the real fairyland while fighting. He already has the strength which is not weaker than the true fairyland initial period, once after the breakthrough, certainly is comparable to the true fairyland middle period strong person. If I still don't use the power of the body, I'm afraid I can't beat him, but he doesn't know that I'm going to beat him today regardless of everything. So as long as I fight him with the noumenon, I can suppress his strength, so that he can not play a real fairyland mid-term strength, naturally can not achieve his expectations. After Ao Tianxing sensed the energy breath on Longyu's body, he understood his intentions and plans in an instant, and could not help but secretly praise him. As expected, he had a wishful thinking, but he did not know that he had to win the last game, nor did he want to preserve his strength any more, so it was doomed that everything he thought was a fantasy. Some people say that you are Tianbing, the master of Longting Xianfu? Long Yu looked at Ao Tianxing and suddenly opened his mouth lightly. His tone was filled with a kind of self-confidence, which was not only formed by his long-term superiority, but also by his brilliant achievements. If you want to know who I am, it depends on whether you have the ability. If you can force me to change, then you can know everything. Ao Tianxing did not answer his question at all, but said to him with some disdain that he wanted to provoke him deliberately, so that he could burst out with real strength, so that he could feel the strength of the Yinglong clan. I hope you are Tianbing, otherwise you have no hope of beating me at all. "Oh, haven't you ever thought that if I were Tianbing, you wouldn't even have a little hope?" "Hum, what about the real dragon clan? They have become the running dogs and slaves of heaven. How can I, the flying dragon clan, be free to cede territory and become king?" "That sounds nice, but you can't imagine why heaven doesn't like you. It's because you're really not qualified. Wait until one day you become a real dragon and then say that to others." Ao Tianxing smiled faintly, although he still did not admit that he was Tianbing,die cast light housing, but from his tone, he had already maintained the dignity of the real dragon clan, so he was not polite to Longyu. Chapter 2008 5.