The struggle of ordinary citizens

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The train at the station is uninterrupted. Urban Germans are desperately trying to get out of Ukraine. They converged here from all directions.

The train at the station is uninterrupted. Urban Germans are desperately trying to get out of Ukraine. They converged here from all directions. Then they boarded the train and left here in batches, but with the bombing of the railway bridge in the evening, Kiev was completely surrounded. According to reliable information, two kilometers from Kiev, the Ukrainian National Liberation Army or the Soviet Red Army is fighting with the retreating German army. We can see the weakness of the German government in the face of the uprising in Ukraine. Most German soldiers are reluctant to fight such a war again. Many of them think that "their war should have ended years ago!" Most of the German immigrants and German soldiers in Ukraine are soldiers left here during the European War, and most of them are anxious to return to Germany. We believe that it is only a matter of time before Germany loses Kiev and the whole of Ukraine, but it is worth worrying that we have received information from the German command that 11 of the regular divisions of the Ukrainian Liberation Army are volunteers sent by the Soviet Union. These so-called volunteers for the world revolution are actually the regular forces of the Soviet Red Army. In fact, as early as during the guerrilla war, the Soviet Union sent a large number of volunteers to Ukraine and Belarus. Our intelligence from the German headquarters showed that in the past 15 years, the Soviet Union sent a total of military advisers and commanders to Ukraine. Fierce knife volunteer pilot, strong 1 tank hand,plastic trash bins, 7 lead-in artillery, domesticated sailor, lead-in sorcery "signal soldier" 1 lead-in engineer and technician. The name of the blade can be translated into Ukrainian, but we believe that more Soviet spies have already infiltrated the Ukrainian National Liberation Forces, and a large number of Ukrainian Socialists control a large number of Ukrainian Liberation Army or Red Army. "Perhaps after the German withdrawal,plastic pallet manufacturer, Ukraine and Belarus will become members of the Soviet Union." "Boom.". The sound of violent explosions and the fragments of glass windows made Sun Pengju frown. Those damned Russians will never worry about public international law. This is the consulate! The door of the consul's office was pushed and closed, and a young lieutenant of Team 6 looked at the consul still preparing to continue writing the report. X break s commercial break Oh Mr. Consul, we have to get into the basement! The Ukrainians have hit the streets. I know. Have you checked the sign outside the door? Sun Pengju said with concern. China is the only "big country" with a consul in Kiev. This afternoon, the German command has made it clear that they have no ability to protect the security of the consulate. The only thing the consulate can rely on now is the five-color flag and the sign of the "Consulate of the Republic of China in Kiev" in Ukrainian, Russian and German. When he went downstairs, he saw the submachine gun on the back of the second lieutenant of the 6th team, and Sun Pengju could not help smiling. Lieutenant, if Really? Call in. Your submachine gun doesn't protect all of us! Because the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is not willing to increase the security force of the consulate in Kiev, foldable bulk container ,spill plastic pallet, the consulate in Kiev, like any consulate, has only one officer and two soldiers in charge of the internal security of the consulate, but it is obviously impossible to protect the security of th e consulate at this time. But at least we can tell them that as long as the 6 teams are there, China's interests will not be affected! The second lieutenant drew the submachine gun to his chest from behind and patted it, his face brimming with that peculiar vigor and confidence. X break s commercial break Oh According to the Chinese Constitution. Navy Team 6 is the only force in the Defense Force that can be used by the Prime Minister without parliamentary approval. Therefore, it is not under the jurisdiction of the Navy like the six teams of other countries, but an independent service, whose status is even higher than that of other services. Team 6 has always been the prime minister's sword, ready to fight to protect the interests of the country. The same is true here. Six teams are responsible for the security of embassies and consulates, which represent the dignity of China. Since the massacre of the embassy in Japan 12 years ago, the State Council has formulated a special provision that when the embassy or consulate is attacked in another country, the ambassador and consul have no right to ask the six members of the war team to lay down their arms before receiving direct orders at home, and they must defend the embassy as if they were defending their territory. After the Chinese Embassy in Tokyo 12 years ago, all countries have strengthened the defense of their embassies and consulates. In the past, consulates that generally did not send armed personnel also sent armed personnel to ensure the safety of diplomats. The principle of "priority firing" proposed by China in the League of Nations has also been accepted by all countries. Even if the consulate is attacked by armed personnel from other countries, security personnel can fire first. The lieutenant stopped at the basement entrance. Sir, I need you and the others to go into the basement. They and I are responsible for the security of the consulate! "Pay more attention to your safety!" Sun Pengju whispered that although he was the highest Chinese official in Kiev, he had no right to order them to come in at this time. After all, they still had the principle of guarding. Sometimes a painful lesson would always impress a country. The sound of gunfire was still ringing through the city of Kiev. Listening to the sound of military boots outside the embassy and then the sound of Russian shouts, the nervous second lieutenant's face calmed down. Those Russian shouts were for the soldiers to protect the security of foreign embassies. It was clear that they had no intention of violating foreign embassies. Museum. While Kiev was tottering in the wind and rain, the capital of Germany, 1,200 kilometers away, was also in a precarious situation. After the New York stock market crash in 2008, the US economy was in crisis. The United States withdrew a large amount of investment from Germany, and the German economy collapsed. Germany is the main source of the crisis. But also the main victim of the crisis. Germany's defeat in the war in Europe. For many Germans, it was an unprecedented national disaster. The diplomatic and political weakness of Germany,wholesale plastic pallet, which has always been a quasi-defeated country, has aroused the anger of German nationalism. In addition, the insult and punishment of Germany in the Treaty of Versailles deepened the discontent of the whole German society. Such a figure holding high the banner of German nationalism just caters to the long-suppressed psychology of the German people.