The road to immortality

If he was not a blood demon monk, nor had he strengthened his body in the blood pool of ten thousand years, he would have died under

If he was not a blood demon monk, nor had he strengthened his body in the blood pool of ten thousand years, he would have died under the crazy attack of the Iron Shark King. Although he has the magic weapon of "Blood Soul Banner", which is far more powerful than the general peak monk, he is approaching the integration period, but in front of the monster King of Iron Shark in the middle of the integration period, he has no resistance at all. Had it not been for the "Blood Soul Banner" controlling the powerful ocean of blood, the Iron Shark King's strength would have been hindered, even if his body was ten times stronger than that of the same level of blood demon monks, he would have been torn to pieces by the Iron Shark King in several face-to-face encounters. Blood under the king is not without thought of counterattack. However. He controls the "Blood Soul Banner" to launch a number of magical powers. Can't even hurt the "Iron Shark King". It even took a lot out of his magic. At the same time, the other side of Zhang Heng Fen Shen. It is also in a situation of being beaten. After Zixin used the "Purple Crown" on the top of her head, which was a magic weapon for channeling, she abruptly promoted her cultivation to the early stage of integration. A mythical beast in the period of integration. Zixin's magical power suddenly became several times stronger. Swish! Zixin moved over again, and a purple flame exploded all over Zhang Heng's body. The purple beads also sent out a strong purple light, which repelled the attack in Zhang Heng's blood killing field. The purple crown on his head reduced the negative impact of his blood killing field to a quarter of the original. Boom! Around Zhang Heng, the light of blue frozen air, the sound of thunder,Stainless Steel Trough Urinal, and the fire of inflammation were condensed. However, under the bombardment of this ferocious purple flame, all disbanded and collapsed. Slightly snap.. A series of crisp sounds. All the silver armor around Zhang Heng's body was broken, one arm was blown off, and his chest was blown open, out of human form. Zhang Heng's body lit up in vain with a silver light of martyrdom, recombining the lost limbs and flesh and blood in the air. The injuries on his body are recovering at a terrible speed visible to the naked eye. Fen Shen Zixin's face was livid,Stainless Steel Toilet Bowl, and the purple flame kept beating all over her body. Zhang Heng, on the other hand, looked pale and seemed to have exhausted his magic power. "Bang" That's when. Thousands of miles away, a palm-sized pagoda flew in. Zhang Heng looked pleased and stretched out his hand. The pagoda moved directly from thousands of miles away. Steadily, Zhang Heng put the "pagoda" in his hands. Chapter 478 _ Shock formula!!! As soon as Ji Heng stretched out his hand, he actually sucked maggots from the "Nine Realms Refining Heaven Pagoda", which was thousands of miles away from home. In the middle of the year. Such divine power is far beyond what a monk of this level can do in the period of deification and integration, even though he has a magic weapon of channeling in his hands. At this moment, Zhang Heng is still one or two thousand miles away. After he left the temporary cave house quickly, he found that the situation on the other side of the Fen Shen was far beyond his imagination. If you go later, you may suffer a devastating blow. When Zixin in a short period of time to cultivate for the promotion to the early stage of integration, that is the integration period of the mythical beast, Time Delay Tap ,Self-closing Shower Valve, a powerful magical power, waving can suppress Zhang Heng Fen Shen dead. Even for the former Zhang Heng, it is impossible to have much confidence in winning. This is still in the field of "blood killing". Zixin must divide part of her mind to resist the power of blood killing around her and all kinds of negative forces that affect her strength. In this case, Zhang Heng resolutely drove in the hands of the "Jiuyu Liantian Pagoda" to let it take the first step to save the crisis of Fen Shen. Zhang Heng's original and Fen Shen souls are of the same origin, and he understands the supernatural power. The doppelganger can basically be used. The speed of the magic weapon was so swift and violent that it surpassed Zhang Heng by more than a thousand miles in a few breaths. In the end, it even moved directly from thousands of miles away to Zhang Heng's hands. Are you a doppelganger?! Violent purple flames appeared in Zixin's eyes. Trembling and bluish. As soon as the divine consciousness swept away, he found Zhang Heng, who was coming this way thousands of miles away. Zhang Heng and Fen Shen in the breath, there is no difference, do not calculate the bottom card and magic weapon, the strength difference is not big. Therefore. Before not revealing the special constitution of Fen Shen, even the divine beast Zixin was deceived. After fighting for a long time, he was only fighting with the enemy's doppelganger, which made Zixin angry. Even if he can kill Zhang Heng's doppelganger, there is nothing to be happy and proud of, even a shame. My previous feeling is right, and he is not the real one. ” On the other hand, the "Blood Demon King" suppressed the dead Iron Shark King and separated part of his mind. I also saw Zhang Hengben flying from afar. When his divinity swept over the "Nine Realms Refining Heaven Pagoda" in the hands of Zhang Heng Fen Shen, he attacked him and said in horror, "What magic weapon is that?" He stared at Anta in Zhang Heng's hand. A fear came unconsciously from the depths of the soul. Purple Xin just shocked at the eyes of Zhang Heng is only a catty, the truth of Fen Shen, for his hands out of the pagoda, did not care too much, now listen to the reminder of the Iron Shark King. When I fixed my eyes on it, I was startled. Zhang Heng was holding the pagoda in his hands, and his face was pale. The body has been almost repaired. However, there was a smile on his face and a sigh of relief. The "pagoda" in his hands is more restrained under ordinary conditions, and the enemy is careless. It is likely to ignore its existence. Ha ha ha Thousands of miles away, Zhang Heng was not in a hurry, but burst out laughing. For the power of "Nine Realms Refining Heaven Pagoda". He had some estimates in his mind, and now he was looking forward to it. At present, he has only had a preliminary understanding of the first type of shaking and pressing formula in the "Royal Tower Formula". Just now, in the field of space, the shock formula of the pagoda's play is only a starting form, which has not yet been fully developed. Gently holding the "Nine Realms Refining Pagoda". Zhang Heng Fen Shen stood still in the void and simply lifted the blood killing field around him. He wants to give full play to the shock formula, and try to kill or hit Zixin before he arrives. Want to kill Zixin this combined period of the mythical beast, in exchange for before, Zhang Heng even dare not think, meet each other's first thought,Urinal Manual Flush Valve, I am afraid is how to escape. The strange magic weapon in this boy's hand doesn't seem to be much worse than the top-grade psychic magic weapon. Be careful! Zuo Cha, with a dignified look on his face, said to Zixin Divinity.