Features to consider while buying a laminar flow hood

A laminar flow cabinet keeps a skilful work surface for applications requiring a disinfected workspace whereas contaminant access is being prohibited by a constantly filtered airflow across the surface.

A laminar flow hood is a product of robust engineering joint with strategic ergonomic design. It delivers long-term reliability and eventual user comfort making it perfect for use in electronics assembly, culture media preparation, and other applications that need a sterile environment.

Must-have features to consider while purchasing a laminar flow hood:

  • It should take low power consumption
  • It should have a low noise level
  • It must be equipped with an energy-efficient motor
  • It should have a Cost-effective ULPA filter
  • It must have comfortable lighting legroom
  • It must have an intuitive easy-to-use microprocessor controller
  • It must be stable self-compensating airflow

The Horizontal Laminar Flow Cabinet delivers a sterile work zone through cleansed air that travels in a horizontal, stream and leaves the work chamber across the open front of the cabinet.


  • Plant tissue culture and media plate training
  • Electronics inspection and medical device meeting

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet delivers sample protection as cleansed air travels across the zone of the cabinet in a vertical, stream and leaves the work chamber across the open front of the cabinet. Most vertical laminar flow also has perforations at the back wall of the zone which are designed to remove air turbulence and the likelihood of dead air corners in the work zone.


  • Microbiology and Forensics
  • In Sterile product compounding

Laminar flow hood cabinets provide a sterile space to work with a specimen, without contaminating it with particulate matter such as microorganisms. Air is drawn through a filter in the laminar flow apparatus and blown in a laminar flow towards the user.  Laminar flow cabinets are used in surroundings where sample protection is serious, as airflow is directed out of the filing cabinet. For user protection, where hazardous or infectious materials are used in the laminar flow equipment, a safety cabinet is required.

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