The role and uses of nitrogen gas generators

Usually, nitrogen is stored in higher-pressure cylinders. Lab technicians extract nitrogen by opening the valve of the Nitrogen Gas Generator and feeding the gas to an instrument.

The risk of nitrogen leaks is higher, which can be deadly if left unnoticed. Storing larger amounts of pressurized, extremely flammable nitrogen in labs also increases the risk of fire explosions.  Our Nitrogen Gas Generator lessens these risks. It is compact and easy to operate, and they allow lab personnel to produce nitrogen at the bit of a button. Purity levels are also considered, with the most advanced instruments generating nitrogen of 99% purity.

Our consistent cost-effective source of nitrogen      

Consistency is one of the chief benefits of nitrogen gas generators. Unlike pressurized gas tubes which can take on impurities as they age, Nitrogen Gas generators deliver a constant supply of pure, and lab-standard gas. This stops workflow disruptions and progresses lab productivity across the board. Investing in a Nitrogen Gas Generator can also slash the operational costs related to running labs. Instead of purchasing the gas and paying for cylinder distributions and deposits, Nitrogen Gas Generator delivers medical-grade nitrogen on demand every time. Our leading Nitrogen Gas Generator manufacturers many instruments at a very reasonable price.

Along with nitrogen, hydrogen is also one of the most widely used lab gases. The Nitrogen Gas Generator, as well as other instruments, are designed to remove filths such as water vapours, methane CO2 from ambient air.

Low reactivity with additional compounds the ability to control ambient oxygen levels makes nitrogen the gas of choice for countless applications. From carrying out Liquid Chromatography and Mass Spectrometry analysis to operating Evaporative Light Scatter Detectors and maintaining ecological conditions in Vitro Fertilisation incubators, the ability to produce nitrogen on demand is essential in many labs.

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