Features of Nitrogen Generator

Nitrogen generators are machines that can discrete nitrogen molecules from the compressed air.

Nitrogen generators are used in labs all over the world to supply numerous analytical instruments with a reliable nitrogen gas source. Nitrogen Generator systems are still the efficient way to supply instrument gas, unlike gas cylinders a nitrogen generator never runs out of gas and continually supplies a reliable high purity of the gas. Nitrogen is an inert gas meaning it is not reactive with other elements chemicals. Nitrogen is extremely abundant than any other element. Nitrogen gas is used in lab analysis for decades. In the past, labs were mandatory to have their nitrogen gas supply brought in cylinders or in bottles from their close nitrogen plant, which for some labs could take numerous days to deliver. These cylinders and bottles would then supply a Liquid Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer, or a detector in the case of a Gas Chromatograph, letting the lab carry out its analysis.

Uses of Nitrogen generators in the lab

Nitrogen Generator not only removes the hassle of having to alter over cylinders, but it also provides a continuous supply of gas at a reliable purity. This constancy is generated using one of 2 technologies, Pressure Swing Adsorption and membrane nitrogen generators.

Membrane nitrogen generator

The opinion of operation for a membrane nitrogen generator is where atmospheric air is crushed by an air compressor and accepted through a hollow fibre membrane, sifting out parts of air and leaving behind a high purity nitrogen gas. More progressive nitrogen generation systems can include numerous stages of filtration before reaching the membrane, this eliminates more particles in the gas such as dust moisture. Fine mesh filters are used in the nitrogen generation process, as these are for removing particles in the air while air dryers are used to eliminate moisture. Beyond safeguarding the high purity of nitrogen, these additional filtration stages will also guard the membrane.

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