Nike Air Force 1 Low Label Maker White seems to be on the market soon. According to the source, the release date will be early 2021. 1017 ALYX 9SM and Nike’s combined Air Force 1 High sneakers have now adopted a new white color scheme. The new version corresponds to the black version released last month.
These Nike Air Force 1 Crater Foam Chambray Blue shoes are made of high-quality knurled leather, mostly in white, with the sharp black part occupying the neat black accents. The top of the shoe is printed with "Nike Air" and "1017 ALYX 9SM" brands, and ALYX's iconic roller coaster buckle is added under the ankle strap. Mini Nike shoes are embroidered on the heel to match the main Nike shoes on the sidewall, while the "1017 ALYX 9SM" is slightly etched along the back quarter. All these details are located on the black midsole, which provides a balanced monochromatic appearance.
In Air Jordan 13 is and remains a special shoe. Partly because of the appearance of these sneakers. Do you hate them or love them! This shoe is like a cross between modern basketball shoes and the interior of a luxury car. This is also the model that Michael Jordan used when he played with the Chicago Bulls last year (he won the sixth (!) championship).
2019 Jordan played in the iconic black/red that year. The iconic BRED color scheme. For the first time, the image has an inverted wide color scheme. We are fans! For people who own a red Ferrari, these are the best choices. For everyone else, they are simply beautiful sneakers. The holographic logo on the heel is another important detail of this model, which we can't find anywhere else. Kicking will be released in 2021, the exact date is not yet known.