Yeah! And I hadn't been anywhere in nature for maybe a year. Obviously preparing for the shoot is something stressful, making the collection is too. But as soon as I was there it was very relaxing.

First, a warm Moncler Outlet embrace. The best thing about winter is that you can layer, you can wear the coat you've been looking at all year. It's a comfortable season for me.

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If you are here, you are viewing the look book images for Genius Collection 7: Fragment Hiroshi Fujiwara. "It's all quite familiar now because this is the fourth season we have done together. Working with Moncler is very easy." So said Fujiwara of a collection that incorporated personal passions that included a biker made in conjunction with Lewis Leathers (so a double collaboration); a bomber embroidered with the cover art from Kool & the Gang's Spirit of the Boogie; and a sweater featuring the longitude and latitude of Fujiwara's favorite restaurant in Paris, L'Ami Louis.

As Green said of both garments and setting: "It's about celebrating Moncler's icons and using them as symbols. Here the pieces start out as a flat sheet that is injected with down quilting in a very flat way. There are a series of zips that allow the body to inhabit it and to give volume." The printing presses alluded to the fact that that outlines of the bodies in the garments were printed on the outside of them: Green was keen to point out that the commercial collection backstage continued this interplay of body, down, and fabric but in a more easily street - worn manner.