Nike dunk series shoes are a trendy trendy shoes that Nike focuses on after Nike Air Force 1 and AJ. So is Nike dunk a skate shoe or a basketball shoe? Can dunk play basketball or skateboard? What's the specific situation, let the editor lead everyone to take a look!
Nike SB Dunk was a basketball shoe when it was first developed, but now dunk no longer meets the configuration and requirements of basketball shoes. In the process of development, more fashion elements have been injected. Now dunk is a skateboard shoe. The "DUNKSB" equipped with zoom air and thick tongue has gradually become the backbone of Nike skateboard shoes. As the most mainstream sneakers at present, the SB series has been growing in popularity and influence. The improved version of retro shoes originally created only for skateboarding has now become a trend icon.
The current dunk series 2020 Cheap Jordans are not suitable for playing basketball, because neither the configuration requirements nor the foot feeling experience of dunk can satisfy basketball anymore. Therefore, the editor recommends that everyone cherish the ankle, it is best not to fight, because this shoe does not protect the ankle enough and is easy to get injured.
Dunk can play skateboarding. The current Dunk is a skateboarding shoe. The foot feels very good and it is suitable for skateboarding. If you take five stars as the standard, then the editor will score four and a half stars, and the shock absorption is slightly inferior to the Prod8, and it is quite durable if it is wearable, and it is quite good.