After lighting, the smoke can be felt soft, not very mellow, the smoke is slightly scattered, it is a little irritating to the throat, but it is comfortable and smooth to pass through the nasal cavity and lungs, without burning sensation. The flavor of tobacco and mint are combined. The flavor of mint is slightly heavier than that of tobacco. After smoking, the mouth will have a clean aftertaste, and the nose and lungs will be comfortable. Beads are the core selling point of this product. According to the unique advantages such as the natural coordination of tobacco aroma, better taste, comfort and satisfaction, the taste can perfectly retain the characteristics of non-gluten, crisp, selenium-rich and juicy, and mellow flavor. The ingenuity has made the first bursting beads for consumption habits. The taste is more in line with consumer tastes. The cigarette pack adopts the popular full-open style of high-end cigarettes, the golden main tone, hand-packed, noble and elegant, showing the master style. The hollow design on the lid is more like a time tunnel connecting the past and the future. The cigarettes are arranged neatly with regular cuts. It deserves to be the high-quality shredded tobacco produced by Hongta, which is golden and delicate and fragrant Newport 100S. The soft fragrance, like a cloud and mist lingering between the fingers, is elegantly aromatic, and the full fragrance fills the mouth and sinks in the heart Cigarettes Online. Continue to smoke, at this time the original tobacco fragrance is completely released, the soft breath, the mellow smoke, and the delicate fragrance are intertwined, so comfortable and smooth, with a long aftertaste. It is one of the masterpieces of high-end cigarettes. There are not many varieties, but the styles are classic, with a fragrance in the mouth, and the design style also highlights the style of fashion. The Dazhong nine hard box inherits the unique charm of the brand Marlboro Red, and the taste is mellow., The fragrance is fresh, and many smokers who have smoked love it. The meaning of the harvest is beautifully displayed in front of the smokers, and the more people look at it, the more they like it. Its overall taste is mellow and sweet, the aroma is fresh, the smoke is plump, the strength is moderate, the taste is comfortable, the aftertaste is pure and sweet, it can bring the ultimate taste of consumers, let you enjoy the fragrance of smoke, and love it.. High-end cigarettes that are definitely worth smoking are also very suitable for festive gifts.
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